What does this mean for me on a Mac?

Hi there,
I’m a Unity Developer and I’m thinking about a switch to Unreal. I read a while the docs and found this. What does it mean for me on a Mac and where can I find the non-Launcher-Version?

If you’re using a Mac you can launch and package builds that contain code, that notice is to let users know that currently UE only supports iOS deployment for blueprint only projects - if the project contains any code then you can’t compile it on a PC/Windows machine.

If you use either C++ code or certain plugins, you’ll only be able to package or launch the project on a Mac. This means you can either attempt to go through the complex and completely undocumented process of Remote Building, or install a second copy of UE4 on your Mac and transfer the project over.
There are guides on how to do Remote Building if you use the source code version of UE4, but I don’t recommend that; it’s messier to deal with because I don’t think you have access to the launcher, and updating the engine for every little version becomes an epic chore.