What does this mean - Fixed up redirectors in folder ?

Hi folks

This option is available when i right click the folder.

What does it mean exactly?

It checks if you moved folders around, or assets. Thus it is good to regularly fix up redirectors. This is also required when you want to delete something.

Example Usage on Move Folder

When you move a folder often the URLs in the project are not updated. Thus, after moving a folder, right click the old folder and use FUR option. After this you can delete old remaining folder. Sometimes 1kb huge files (not visible in project are created in the folders). These can be erased when FUR has commenced.

So is it a good practice to do it every so often on an active folder? even tho it has not been moved but contents updated now and then.

I wouldn’t advise doing it needlessly. It could result in some undesired effects (unlikely, but I’ve seen much weirder things happen in the ADK/UE4). Only do it if you moved a folder, and even then, I wouldn’t depend on it working as intended in the ADK (I’ve had some problems with it actually redirecting correctly, but generally it works fine).

But overall, its a life saver at times. Just keep in mind, depending on how many assets are in the folder, it may take quite a while to complete, and do NOT close out of UE4 while this is going on (could cause references to break completely from my experience).


Thank you for the replies guys.

Just do it after moving, renaming and both before and after deleting stuff. ^^, OH! and NEVER EVER delete a folder without cleaning up the redirectors it might contain, or else all assets previously hosed by the folder will get broken links. (Why UE4 does not do this by default is beyond me)

The moderator asked me to remove the redirectors in my project. I fixed it, but it was rejected again.

How do I know if changes have been made? Any log file? When I click on FUR - I see loading line and nothing else happens. I saved the project, although there was no snowflake.

I used FUR on each folder (Content > MyProject > Blueprints/Maps/Materials/Meshes/Textures and StarterContent and also each embedded folder), but I’m not sure if this will work.

(I think that the problem is in the StarterContent folder, because I originally used EpicСontent folder, then I moved all to StarterContent because Epic particles textures did not work if the folder had a different name.)