What does the Rotation argument for UPhysicsHandleComponent::GrabComponentAtLocationWithRotation actually do?

I’ve tried supplying it different values and from as far as I can tell there’s no observable effect. Could someone demonstrate its effect?

Hi! If you check source code , you can find that

PxD6Joint* NewJoint = PxD6JointCreate(Scene->getPhysics(), KinActor, PxTransform(PxIdentity), PActor, GrabbedActorPose.transformInv(KinPose));

UPhysicsHandleComponent works in several steps:

  1. Get Phys Scene item for actor(its primitive component) you want to grab
  2. Create new Phys Scene item of Kinematic Rigidbody with Location and Rotation that you provide during the call
  3. After that create Phys Scene Joint for two items in 1) and 2)

So, in fact Rotation param that you provide defines only the initial rotation of item in 2) and that’s all!