What does the Landscape Physical Material Output node do?

Isn’t the point of this node to allow for procedural coverage of physical materials on top of the ones used by the landscape layers? The landscape already has its reference to my Rocks and Gravel physmats based on the painted layers, I just want the material to specify where the puddles are on top of that.

Doesn’t work that way.
You have to output the layer into the physmat if you want to be able to overwrite via a texture.

It’s just like the Grass Output Node. Think like that.

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Hm, in that case, is there just no way to do what I’m looking for? I want the material to apply a procedural layer of physical materials over the ones which are determined by the landscape layer info. For things like dynamic procedural coverage with water, snow, sand ect. Is there no way for it to be selective like that? It has to either be entirely determined by the landscape layer info, or entirely determined by this material output?

… maybe you never did it…
Right click, type layer.
Use the node. Call it the right thing. Plug it into a physmat output.