What does Sound Wave "Compression Quality" do?

I imported a CD track as a WAV and it is 50 Mb in the project. When I edit the details it lets me set the “compression quality”. If I set it to 1, the hover over in the content browser says 2162 kb and if I set it to 100 it is 10506 kb. There is also a delay so it seems it is actually compressing the audio.

I’ve never built UE4 for any platform but I was wondering does it actually use compressed versions of the audio rather than 100% uncompressed like in the project?


The filesize was shown in 4.14… not 4.25… but it still says “Compression” in the hover over…

From Dan Reynolds:…ting-mp3-files

“we use Ogg and Opus and a variety of other formats depending on platform and what kind of hardware decoding support is available…During cook, all audio is compressed”

That’s good to hear… in the future I’m going to investigate how good the compression during cooking is…