What does Set Owning Player do for a Widget?

If you use the node set owning player does that mean only that player controller can control that widget?

yes i think thats what it means. i think its more for multiplayer purposes.

Used in Local Multiplayer. The Server does not create Widgets on itself and Clients should only have their own Widgets. In a local multiplayer game however you have several controllers connected to the same device. Note that you can set Owner when you create the widget. If you set the owner later you may have to Unregister the widget and Register it with the new controller input.

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Interesting how would you unregister the controller?
Because currently I have an issue where ever controller can control the pause menu
Even if we set user focus for only the one controller that presses pause everyone can control it


I would also like to know what it means to register and unregister a widget.

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