what does royality mean

hi people I was just wondering what people mean when they say they can offer royality ?

This is means that they will pay a certain percent off what they earn from the product:

Although what some people actually mean is that they will pay you once the game makes money

True :smiley:


thanks for letting me know, its helped me out a lot !

Oh, so if you are making it just for private use (like a mini game for your family and no money earned whatsoever) you won’t need to worry about it?

As for UE4 Royalties to Epic, you only have to pay royalty if you are making money off the game.

When you release a game commerically UE takes out a royalty for you profiting off of using their software.

Off topic:

I’m about to look at buying, is it possible to pay for only one month so I can practice with it, than resume my payment once I understand it and to get any updates?

Will I still have access to the market place if I’ve only made one payment for the month?

Yes, you can cancel after paying for just a month, and you can still use the version you paid for, you just won’t get any more updates and you won’t have access to the source code. I think you won’t get access to the marketplace but it might be that you still get access to the things that were already released.

you can pay for one month of subscription then cancel it, you will have access to updates and the market place for the month that your sub is active

once it ends you cans till use the last version of the engine you had before it ran out but will loose market access

only need to resub if an update you like is released or something you really want from the market is released

Okay sounds alright.

I’ll just be learning how to use the engine so will just pay for a months access than cancel and learn how to use it and than review my needs after a month.

hmm well i love royality… i want some more answers…