What does ../../../ mean?

I’m trying to setup a shared DDC. inside DefaultEngine.ini documentation told me to add InstalledDerivedDataBackendGraph section.

for the local path it is

Local=(Type=FileSystem, ReadOnly=false, Clean=false, Flush=false, PurgeTransient=true, DeleteUnused=true, UnusedFileAge=17, FoldersToClean=-1, Path=../../../Engine/DerivedDataCache)

I think that ../ is a relative path and it means go back from current directory. but this path is relative to what?

why 3 ../? is it somewhere inside the project? engine? or somewhere else?

And how do I set a relative path for Shared DDC for Perforce? should I put shared DDC in the project root folder? and how?

Shared=(Type=FileSystem, ReadOnly=false, Clean=false, Flush=false, DeleteUnused=true, UnusedFileAge=19, FoldersToClean=-1, Path=???, EnvPathOverride=UE-SharedDataCachePath)

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

It is a relative path to the file.

For every …/ the computer looks in the parent directory of the current directory.


-> SubDirectory2
  -> SubSubSubDirectory4
-> SubDirectory5

For a file called CallingFile.exe in SubSubSubDirectory4 to reference a file called FileName2.txt in SubDirectory5, you tell it to look for …/…/…/SubDirectory5/FileName2.txt.