What does it mean to run Unreal on a dedicated server?

Sorry for a basic question, but I can’t seem to find a good explanation anywhere. What exactly does it mean to run Unreal on a dedicated server? Can you run the editor and use the server for game development, or is only for launching and actually running the game?

Some context behind the question:

I am looking to run Unreal Editor on a remote Linux server (Ubuntu 18.04) with AirSim for autonomous car research. I can’t seem to be able to get Unreal to work using remote desktop, so was looking for other solutions. For example, there is a Python API for AirSim which controls a car within Unreal. If I run the game on a dedicated server, would the API also have to be launched on the server?

My understanding is that the Dedicated Server is for creating a built version of the game that serves as a place for the client game machines to connect to, not to remotely run the Editor version of Unreal.

I’m not familiar with AirSim, but if it’s like other plugins to the game engine it will be packaged up with it when you build it.

A dedicated server is a computer running the server logic typically within the company control. This is required for competitive games to keep ppl from hacking. This makes the game cost $ to run. The alternative is a Listen Server. Players will be connected to ea other to play multiplayer. So some random player is the host running the server logic while also running the game. This is only ok for games that don’t have motivation to hack, because some random player out there can be a host, and they could modify their local files to cheat. A dedicated server build will strip out things like cosmetics and make a console app thats just the server logic. A listen server build i think is just one build that includes both client and server logic in case the player needs/wants to host.