What does "export rigging setup" mean?

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this is applicable when cameras/lasers are in a rig,

when set to True, each camera is exported with a group and “member” identifier


Haha, thanks Lubenko! I’m working on some new planetary science stuff and am trying out RC again to see if it does better than the other software I have and whether the issues that drove me so crazy years ago have been fixed yet.

At the moment, I’m hitting this one again:


It really seems like the view navigation in RC is missing an entire degree of freedom.

Can you confirm what Wishgranter said in that thread that you could hold down both mouse buttons to roll the view? As far as I can tell, that didn’t work then, and doesn’t work now.

Does this export benefit the user or is it simply a way to record additional data? I use a 60 camera capture rig and would be most interested in a feature that allows me to automatically store the camera locations and allow for an easily set up consistent reconstruction region.

Sorry, I’m not good with forums as I rarely know the right terms to use to search for answers to my questions so hope this is the right place.

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We do our best… To roll the 3D view, use Ctrl + Shift + left + right arrows.




you can also use just XMPs without rigging,

have a look at the Re-use Alignment tutorial / Full-body Scans and Coordinate System Preservation,

this rigging is for the setup with more cameras with a moving system


I’m excited to hear there is a way to roll the 3D view! But I can’t get it to work… if I hold down Ctrl and Shift and press a left or right arrow on the keyboard, nothing happens. I tried holding all four at once too and doing things with the mouse, etc… no luck. Am I misunderstanding something?

the shortcut works for me when I have the 3D view of a model active, first I press and hold Ctrl, then I add Shift, then a left arrow and finally a right arrow

Ctrl+Shift+L or R arrows doesn’t Roll - it steps the view to correspond with ea of the photos in the Component (actually it’s Ctrl or Shift +L or R arrows)

Shift + L or R does nothing for me. Ctrl + L or R aligns the view to photos, stepping through them in order.

So there really is still no 6DOF view control in RC. It’s amazing that a program that’s so good in so many other respects completely fails at basic 3D view navigation. Oh well, I guess I’ll switch back to another product (whose name I can’t mention, or this post will be deleted!)

lubenko says Ctrl+Shift+ L or R does Roll, but I and Aaron say it doesn’t.

We say it rotates the model to step through the photos’ orientations (nothing like Roll). I say it’s actually Ctrl or Shift+ L or R; Aaron says it’s only Ctrl+ L or R, not Shift+.

Are we on the same planet, or what?





Just tried again and Shift + L or R is now doing the same thing as Ctrl + L or R, so you and I are on the same page, Tom! Dunno what was up before… maybe I somehow missed the shift key!?

I guess a crazy workaround would be to manually add a fake image that is at the roll orientation you want it to be at, and then align to that when you want to roll to particular orientation! Sure would be nice if there was proper roll control…

well, then there seems to have been some misunderstading - what do you mean under rolling the view?

Hello, there was a mistake in the shortcut which Lucia wrote. Sorry for that.

To roll the view - you should use Ctrl + Shift + Left Mouse Button + Right Mouse Button + Move Mouse

ctrl + shift + right mouse button + left mouse button (in this order)

I can’t do Ctrl+Shift with one hand, L and/or R button with the other, and move mouse (with my third hand?)

Hi Lucia - who are you?

@Tom: my real name is Lucia :slight_smile:

Aha - pleased to meet you!