What does "ActorChannelFailure" mean?

I have an actor blueprint which contains some ChildActorComponents. The main actor is set to replicate, the ChildActorComponents are all set to replicate, and the actor classes that are spawned by those ChildActorComponents are set to replicate.

When I launch a listen server and connect a client, sometimes (but not always) the child actors fail to spawn on the client. For each, I see this line in the output log:

LogNet: Server connection received: ActorChannelFailure

There are no other details.

Searching for ActorChannelFailure on the forums, AnswerHub, and Google returned very few results, none of them relevant, and most of them unresolved anyway.

Does anyone know what “ActorChannelFailure” actually means? Like, it’s clearly failing to replicate these spawned child actors, but I’m trying to figure out why, and how to debug it, and this error message is not really super helpful.

After going through the log with a fine-toothed comb, I found this:

LogNetPackageMap:Warning: SerializeNewActor: Static actor failed to load: FullNetGuidPath: [21]/Game/Maps/UEDPIE_2_MPSandbox.[19]MPSandbox.[17]PersistentLevel.[25]CannonInteractive_GEN_VARIABLE_CannonInteractive_BP_C_CAT_94, Channel: 5
LogNet:Warning: UActorChannel::ProcessBunch: SerializeNewActor failed to find/spawn actor. Actor: NULL, Channel: 5

CannonInteractive is the actor class to be spawned by the ChildActorComponent. There’s an instance of this warning for each of the offending classes.

If this behavior was consistent I’d assume ChildActorComponent just doesn’t work in a network scenario, but sometimes this does work, so I’m trying to figure out what’s going on in the inconsistent cases where it fails.

It appears I am having the same issue. My setup is similar to your where I have a parent BP with a child actor with replication enabled inside of it. The child actor does not spawn in standalone mode and I get multiple ‘Server connection received: ActorChannelFailure’ when connecting to the server.

The child actor appears and functions correctly inside PIE, and packaged builds.

Are you experiencing this in standalone mode or in PIE?


I encountered this error for the first time tonight. The resolution I found was to rebuild the server and the client. Apparently one of the versions I packaged didn’t have the same contents as the other so when I went to load it there was a difference of opinion about what was present and what was not.

Update: Actually wanted to add that I found at least another instance of this in my project. I found that in the Package Launcher for the Client settings I had “Don’t Include Editor Content” and in the Server Package configuration I had that unchecked. I was able to clear up the issue with that and I also found the offending asset which was an arrow component I didn’t have set to “Is Editor Only”.