What does a simple flag setup from 3ds max setup look like please.

Hi, I am having trouble setting up a simple flag with cloth. I’ve searched for and watched every tutorial I can find, but still it’s not working, and I think it might have to with the fbx export from 3ds max. The tutorials cover the painting in cloth with Activate Cloth Paint etc, adding and applying clothing data, which I can do, but when I unclick Activate Cloth Paint, the flag/cloth/ whatever stays rigid.

My flag has lots of divisions, relatively normal scale, I add a bone and skin to the cloth, then export.

To add to the mystery, the cloth sample in the Unreal Content Sample seems to use a different setup to the tutorial I found with bone hierarchy in the Skeletal Mesh tab.

The first two below screenshots is how I have it at the moment, though I’ve tried other combinations to no avail. The second two are from a you tube tutorial and the Unreal Cloth demo respectively. Even those two working examples seem to have a different setup. One of them has constraints in it, the other just has a single bone.

Is there a specific way to add bones and do we need to do vertex weighting and so on?
Does it matter where the bone is in relation to the flag mesh?

Thank you

I’have done this few years ago and it’s possible but a bad idea to do this in 3dsmax
I think you have to see this

Used that tutorial some time back. Works really well.

Hi Thanks for the replies (was expecting an email alert when there was a reply but not the case).
That was one tutorial I had tried following various times and it didn’t work for me, as they skip the part where my issue is, which is what exactly are they bringing into unreal in the first place. They say they have the file in the link below the video, and there is a file, but it is just the mesh- there is no skeleton or bones in it so the file is not very helpful.

Metathesus: You mention it’s a bad idea to do this in 3dsmax - could you say why you say that please, as that might give me a clue as to what a modern better alternative might be :slight_smile: Thanks!

Previously, I haven’t reply on my computer, so I could’nt elaborate!
Skeletal mesh and skeleton consume ressources,
It’s better to make a material with WPO to mimic wind or to use the clothes tools in unreal.
You don’t need bones and to use the clothes tools in 3dsmax.

All you need is a very simple model (made in 3dsmax), no bones, no clothes modifier in 3dsmax
Use the unreal tools.

As you noted “it is just the mesh- there is no skeleton or bones in it” => this is the point!

You can download the “content example” in the epic launcher and if I remember, there is a flag so you can learn from it to make one yourself!

Thanks Metathesus, makes sense, though I had looked at their examples originally and they still use one bone for the flag as in the bottom screenshot in my original post which is why I thought we needed bones.

Nevertheless I will revisit this task, as now that I’ve seen a bit of WPO in action in the grass from the Kite demo I’ll see if I can do something that way.
Cheers :slight_smile: