What Do You Use to Backup Your Game Files?

Hey, I’ve been looking into getting a new means of backing up me and my brother’s game project (currently we’re using an old Gateway he’s installed an Ubuntu server on)
and I wanted to ask what you guys use to store your own projects on for safe keeping/back up?

I personally just copy my projects over to my backup drive every few days, but you could use perforce locally to keep backups of everything.

SVN. You can set up SVN on any computer or hard drive. The best part is that you can revert to previous versions, merge code with your brother, create separate branches, etc… And it’s free.
Personally, i have a small NAS system set up at home with SVN. Then i can access it from anywhere by using VPN. If you want to make it simple, just get yourself a USB drive (WD Notebook?) and use it as your SVN. UE4 has SVN built in(have not tried it), but I prefer using TortoiseSVN.

Thanks for the replies guys!

Perforce personally, although the files are always floating around Dropbox because I’m transferring between work and home a lot.

Source tree and bitbucket for me.

SourceTree & GitHub

I use an external drive for the project itself, and I use a networked laptop to backup smaller stuff like fbx / maya and substance files. Call me old fashioned, but I still don’t trust cloud storage!

I usually use Bitbucket to host my private project and SourceTree for git client

SourceTree is also Awesome. I use it with my “real” job.

For my personal projects (assets) i use GoodSync (quite powerful but unfortunately no versioning) and a private host and for all things code related i’m using Github.

We are using git + sourcetree too. I like the interface, it’s very easy to use and nice to browse through all the changes.

When working on a team, I use WD Cloud Drive I have set up at home. Can access anything. Haven’t heard of SVN, but I’m going to look into that!

Sourcetree and private Gitlab server … failing that, do a copy to DropBox or GoogleDrive if you are paranoid or just an external USB drive.

I use Perforce and sometimes manual copying.
However since Github has now integrated its LFS system, I might switch over to it.

**PERFORCE can do the Job!

Example of my Perforce Set Up:

**UnrealEngine 4.8 (I personally use the compiled version)
Source Control Perforce Visual ClienT(P4V) / Server (P4D): Login Settings]. Built-in UE4. User Guide’s: Brief, Detailed
Skype:techlord_on_skype or PM - Account Access & Instant Messaging - Screen Sharing

-an external HDD :slight_smile:

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