What do you use for project management/workflow ideas

For my teams project I’ve protyped some mechanics but we are starting fresh with a new team. Were all setup on slack and perforce with a fresh project.

We want project management to be able to plan out our playable free demo release and later further versions. Free or very cheap is nice.

So I installed redmine since it was a one click install on my dedicated server and a lot of open source projects use it.

Myself is used to using trello but I think its too limiting for a full game. My cofounder is used to using MSProject in the software development business and sending everyone their task lists

Our team is completely remote so currently we have a ‘Project plan’ version on redmine for major area planning such as story, character models, game mechanics etc.

Im stuck at the point of the best way or system for cretin specific tasks like ‘create fire particle system protoype’ and such to assign to people and allow trello like functions such as checklists assignees tags and priority.

How might I use redmine for this? Any better software out there? What does your team use?..


Just a bump. Checked out Jira but no benefit to Redmine except the UI is fancier.

No one has any insight in what to use for game devleopment planning and task assignment/issue tracking?

I’ve never found any particular package to be miles ahead of others so I can’t really recommend anything specific.

If it’s just me or a couple people I use trello mainly because it’s pretty easy to use and non-programmers seem to like it.

Just installed Hansoft to my ded. server and installed the client. Very powerful but this is very powerful stuff. Any techniques to this software it looks almost exactly like what would work well with my cofounder and myself using both gantt plans and kanbah boards.

i use kissflow for workflow management

Hey Nsomnia,

I was reading through a similar thread recently and came across “Hack n Plan”, it’s basically a gamdev specific (advanced) version of Trello. I only found it a few days ago, so I don’t have much experience with it, but I really like it so far!

It’s free, but still in beta. I haven’t had any problems with it though, it seems to be well designed. Here’s some info on that:

Here’s their website:

We have been using Unfuddle for project management, bug tracking and also for our git repository. It’s about $20 a month. We moved from Trello and Perforce. I think the organization of the tickets is better than trello, at least for how we are using it. Because we have a dev tester being able to assign the tickets around is something we need. No problems with upload / download speeds of the repo.

Pivotal is quite popular around Silicon Valley.
I’ve used it on a few projects, and it has a pretty good feature set.
Not as heavy duty as Jira, and I think that’s a good thing!