What do you think about our RTS Project

TITLE: we have to think about it



Like most other real-time strategy games, the player must construct a base, acquire resources, build various combat and support units, and defeat opponents. Various unit types can be constructed, ranging from infantry to vehicles and air units. The player may control one State and each side has its unique characteristics and abilities. All sides share some similarities, such as training infantry at a barracks, building armored vehicles at a factory, possessing “high tech” buildings needed for more advanced units, possessing means to acquire additional resources and possessing a unique superweapon.

The game’s interface is similar to that of real-time strategy games such as Age of Empires or StarCraft. The player selects buildings to bring up build orders and purchase upgrades, and can select individual units to activate their special abilities. Structures are built by selecting dedicated builder units and placing the structure anywhere on the map.

As with other real-time strategy games, the various units have advantages and disadvantages against other units, and the player is encouraged to mix unit types in order to succeed and fight tactically with various unit abilities in order to win.

For example, rifle infantry are capable of quickly killing other infantry types, but are vulnerable to light vehicles and dedicated anti-infantry/anti-air units such as tankettes and APCs, which in turn are vulnerable to main battle tanks, which themselves are vulnerable to missile-equipped infantry and aircraft.

As the game progresses and the player defeats enemy units in battle, the player will gain “experience” points, which are used to purchase “Generals Abilities,” unique abilities that range from enhancing units and unlocking new unit types to powerful air strikes, one-shot enhancements to units, or targetable “spawn points” to drop or create groups of units anywhere on the map.

-Level-up choice based unit growth selection: each time you level up you have a limited number of points to spend on upgrading units e.g. at level five a player may have lv.1 troops, lv.3 tanks and lv.1 airships while onather one can have lv2 troops, lv1 tanks and lv.2 airships.
This will be the main strategic choice of each player and will influence direclty their game (a map can favour troops instead of airships and vice versa, based on the resources the map itself provides), of course there will be some kind of balance (my lv.1 airship cannot stand against lv.3 tanks, even if the maps favours my type of units)
-Seasons and Season rewards (Based on the winratio you have archieved during the season, since we currently didn’t found an eficent ranking system because the players don’t have the same resources to use against each other, a lv.5 player will have less powerful units than a lv.10 player and we can’t create a ranking only for lv.5 player since they will level up eventually)
-Fog of war
-Create buildings
-Create units
-Possibility of creating a team and fighting together
-Different maps

I don’t think anything - you’ve given me a write up that basically describes any generic RTS. Until you have some kind of game to show, it’s going to be hard for anyone to really give any feedback.

First of all, thank you for the reply. Yes, you are right. We will post something as soon as possible. We are searching for new ideas to make that game different from the typical rts Game. We are interested in hearing opinions about the level system or the season rewards that aren’t present in the majority of the rts games. This thread is more about what you think about the level system (maybe is unbalanced or it presents other problematics) than about the game itself

So this is more of a “I like to make a game, what do you think, I will begin after I hear that you all like it” thread? Before you start, think about whether UE4 is the right engine for this. RTS multiplayer is not possible with UE4 because the usual RTS networking (lockstep/p2p) is not supported, at least there is not any RTS I know about which has ever successfully used replication networking. So you need to make heavy customization to the UE4 source to get nice RTS multiplayer running. If you are a very advanced c++ developer, you might be able to do it.