What do you think about my new Pc Build ?

i’m wondering if the upgrade i’m taking worths it and if it would run ue4 on EPIC Settings ? 16GB RAM GTX 960 2GB AMD FX 8320
I hope you could help with a benchmark video from youtube maybe or an fps rate , and thanx for your time!

It should work quite nicely, you might want to think about something a bit better. I’ve recently got new PC with 16GB RAM, GTX 970 and Core i7 4th generation. Kite demo on epic settings on 1080p runs at 20-50 FPS depending where is camera, but mostly I have around 30 and above :slight_smile:

I get 120 FPS with a 2x2 KM Landscape and a bunch of trees loaded, I have 16GB RAM, GTX 960 2GB, and an AMD-7850k

Thanx for that guys! i just checked a video of the kite demo on gtx960 it was at 15-20 fps, i guess there is a far difference, i’d like to get a gtx970 but i didn’t found it inhere i just found 960 , 960 100me , 980 , i guess 770 or 970 are the best choices for my budget but i hope i could find soon:), and for ( Jamendxman3 ) have you tried to do some scriping or advanced effects ?
let me make my self littlebit more clear , i will work on a multiplayer game , from level design to lighting to scripting so what do you think ? a game should be like L.A Noire Or Smthn, And Thanx Again for your helpful answers guys!

I would suggest a GTX 970 or 980. As for the CPU AMD does save costs but a decent Intel i7 will help Lightmass :slight_smile:

thanx! so i guess i’ll see with the 980 but the cpu i prefer amd for the price & multi-threading , because i do more than a task !