What do you think about "Decentraland"?


Does anyone in here know about the Decentraland project? It seems that will be a mix of Second Life in VR using Blockchain (Ethereum and MANA, their own cryptocurrency) to buy and sell things in the virtual world. I kind like the Million Dollar Page was…ollar_Homepage

This is the web site:

There’s a documentation talking about the Script:…/introduction/

Programming principles

Why do we use Typescript?

TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript and allows you to employ object-oriented programming and type declaration. Features like autocomplete and type-checking speed up development times and allow for the creation of a solid codebase. These features are all key components to a positive developer experience. You can use another tool or language instead of TypeScript, so long as your scripts are contained within a single Javascript file (scene.js). All provided type declarations are made in TypeScript, and other languages and transpilers are not officially supported.

I was wondering about using an Engine in some parts of the game. It will be nice to develop some features in Unity, Unreal, raw code, etc. and every “games” work in the same “big game”. I want to know your opinions about the project.

If you wish to keep in touch, the atari launch party is april 28th :slight_smile: At their casino. I have developped 8 games in unreal to integrate :slight_smile: