What do you need to hook up in object on cast to player controller?

I don’t know what I need to hook up to object in cast to PlayerController.

Fixed :slight_smile: Don’t need to worry!

If you’re using the default player controller, you do not need to cast at all.

If you’re using a custom player controller you’ve extended yourself, you need to hook up the default player controller to the cast node.

Why you cast something to player controller ?!?!?!? What are you even casting to player controller?
If you want to show a widget and make a character do something by clicking a button on that widget, you cast to “thirdplayercharacter/topdowncharacter/flyingpawn” or whatever you have there.
Then you just select “Get player character, controller, pawn”.

Good that you’re here, what do people cast to player controller?

Well, they shouldn’t.

It should only be done if you’ve extended it yourself. It makes little sense otherwise, true. You get a controller automagically, of course. You’re right to question it! Perhaps it’s the wording in the original question that’s a bit unclear. I think OP wants to cast to their own controller. Not sure.

Cool, good luck with the rest!

Guys! Now I need to know what to hook up in another cast to object world card. Heres the story: I made a save game and I casted to it. Then I couldn’t find what to hook up in the object. Plz help!