What Do You Guys Want? Pro Triple-A & Indie 3D Artist

Hey Guys,

I’m Matt, I work at a large game studio in Atlanta and also run an Indie project called Hanako - Soul of the Samurai. I’m curious what kind of asset packs you guys are still looking for that will help your environments and help maybe give me some funding to help out my project.

There’s some info on my work and more on the sig. Please let me know what you’d like to see on the marketplace that fits what I can do (models, texture packs, material packs, modular sets, etc.)

modular sets please

What kind of modular sets?

Sci-Fi walls/objects with focus on destructible capabilities.

a nature pack with things like trees,cactus,grass
modular set in the mountain kind of environment

Modular buildings exterior and interiors. With different thematic. Post apocalyptic, futuristic, steampunk, etc

I agree as well, though I’d go for a medieval themed map / pack / modular pack

FPP fantasy dungeons would be great :slight_smile:

I think it’s will be October 31th at 5am for Paris ? I’m confused now because we recently changed time -1h

Actually I think foliage, or rather aesthetically pleasing, lush, bright, gorgeous looking nature packs would be ideal :).

I’d like to see some “current gen”-like sci-fi modular interiors :slight_smile:

I want good low-medium poly models of very basic stuff, the kind of objects that could be used directly in several games without anyone noticing.

I think it’s be nice to have a deep space scene, watery, biological, etc, and with particle effects

sci fi modular sets

Modular vehicle, space ship, robot parts. Walls and corridors are easier to make, so i would rather have those talented make stuff that is hard to create.

There is also one important aspect to this. For eg. that hero pack on marketplace, it has 5 great models but they do not fit single theme/game. So kind of nobody can fully use it.
That would be much better if it was just pirate pack, or “tomb Lara and friends”. So please do not repeat that mistake and make coherent sets that fit same art style.

And if you decide on what kind of set you are making, please in future make expansion sets. It is hard to buy anything in marketplace because it is very visible that different sets are made
by different people. So sadly even if they have same theme its hard to use them in single game, it will look like patchwork.


I’d go with medieval themed modular pack. This would be great as all assets (textures, meshes,etc) could be used for contemporary games as well. So bridges, buildings, and overall medieval environment.

Definitely more dystopian and cyberpunk themed assets, grimly, dark and futuristic. Everything from modular level building meshes to small Deco items! :smiley:

Another vote for modular futuristic urban environment assets.
Interior & exterior, should support vertex painting.

With your experience on Hanako if you can incorporate some Asian styling to the assets that would be extra bonus points.
Lots of reference to work from in manga.

I know it might not be your wheelhouse…

But some **** first person animation sets would be nice.

Until then, definitely modular sets built on base 10 scale, not powers of two. For me specifically I’d like to see generic 1990-2020 city stuff.

modular dungeon set like legend of grimlock, as rogue like dungeon game is a very popular genre now