What do you guys buy on asset marketplaces? What would you make yourself?

Hey guys,

Quick intro, I’m a indie environmental artist who is currently working with a small but very talented team on a Sci-Fi survival VR game called DesolationVR. We are hoping to release the pre-alpha on the 31st January and start testing it then. I have recently decided to expand my portfolio and wish to do a bit of freelance to help boost my presence in the community as well as learn as much as I can.

My question to the community is, what do you think is currently trending in the asset creation scene, what would you guys want to see in marketplaces such as ArtStation, Unreal, Unity, CG Trader or TurboSquid?

Also what do you guys usually acquire, whether it’s free or paid. Do you go for a full environment, asset pack, props, kit bash etc?

If your working on a project what would you make yourself and what would source on a marketplace?

Any advice would be helpful, cheers.

I’m in my initial research and analysis stage and figured who best to ask than the community. I have set my business plan for the next 3 months, set up my financials and know the community is the best place to go for research.