what do you expect from 9 dolar content ?

i am curious, do 9 dolar content must be a masterpiece to sell in UE ?

Well, ideally price would relate to the amount of content. Quality should be high regardless.

I agree and disagree… The price should be an indication of value. Value can be pretty subjective from person to person and from project to project but I think a fair baseline is a combination of how much time it takes a competent person to create as well as how much time it saves the buyer.

All of the subjectivity and questions aside of how much an hour of my time is worth compared to an hour of your time, we can all agree that the more unique content there is in a pack the more time is needed to create it. We can also agree that as complexity, quality and detail go up, so does the time invested, be it upfront time to craft all those details as well as the many more years it takes to learn how to make something look as good as possible or be uber complex. All of these considerations = value in my mind. Be it value derived from a ton of content, complexity or a ton of detail and quality.

I don’t think you should expect a high degree of either of those things for $9.00, in fact I would assume a very low degree of both for $9.00 or that the pack is very simple in nature. Ask yourself, how much time would I need to spend to make this thing, assuming one even possesses the skills necessary to make it in the first place. How much do you value you time? Some might say $50/hr, others $25, but let’s just go as low as possible and say $1-$2/hour. Most packs on the marketplace are going to save you at the very least 5-10 hours, a weapon like the ones we make take around 100-120 hours with all the animations, arms, UE4 setup, VFX, etc etc. It’s important to keep it in perspective when thinking about how things are priced and what is fair value

There is an incredible amount of things into the Marketplace that many people purchase with intent to save time on production, even if they need to do some content adjustments… that might be correct for a blueprint, for a plugin, for a bunch of textures or materials, but hardly for complex meshes or characters, so the last ones would need an incredible amount of quality and time invested to guarantee a sale. Im not sure what kind of content you do have in mind, but the quality standards expected by the Marketplace submission review team are high (or at least it should) and guidelines exist that content creators must follow or submission might fail, or even if the submission succeeds, buyers want to see pictures (very good ones) and most of the time videos (well done and detailed ones), otherwise the asset will get digital dust on the MP shelves.

And if you ever want to purchase anything at that price range, make sure to see the comments and the ratings, Im more in favor of comments than ratings atm. Bad comment from a buyer can kill the asset as nobody will want to take the risk on a purchase after reading a bad one.

People rarely leaves a comment and rating.