What do you do to keep yourself productive ?

I use to check social networks, news, unreal engine forums, answer hub too many times and I lost there a lot of time… How do you keep yourself productive ? Some time ago I tried to disconnect internet :smiley:

The net can be extremely useful, we’d be lost without it, especially with checking how to do stuff with UE4 so in that respect it’s a time saver and vital. However, yes the net is also a time vortex and it comes down to that. Don’t just disconnect it, make it impossible to use by removing your modem/router or it’s bespoke power supply and send it off with your wife when she goes to work or something! :wink: - That’s what I’ve done many times, but then I still lose time in the evenings once it’s back… playing “net catch up”. So really, discipline and motivation to create instead of idle the time away with the path of least resistance and procrastination.

I wouldnt call following UE forums and AnswerHub lost time. It helps you and others, and it is especially useful if you are just starting to use the engine. I learnt most of what i know about UDK in UDK forums back in the day and even today i learn something new everyday through the forums and AnswerHub.

If i have to force myself to work, i let a documentary from youtube or a Radiolab podcast run in the background so that i dont get bored or go crazy in total silence.

Yes, exactly. I used to disconnect it only when I was sure that I will not need it to check resources, e.g. when I was working on some simple tasks.

Not if you read off topic too often :smiley: I am programmer and know nothing about Maya, so I don’t know why the I heck I spend a lot of time by reading about rigging tools instead of working :smiley: :smiley:

I personally combine everything ^^ When I turn on my PC, I automatically open the forum + E-mail program + skype and beside that I develope some stuff in the UE4. When I get bored or tired, I mostly go outside for a small mountain bike tour or some other activities :slight_smile:

Pay your good friend to slap you every time you waste your (employer) time. However you may lose friend.
Once my friend sold around 50 books, and he asked me to kick his *** next time he sells books he like. And I did kick him right in the ***.
Almost lost friend but he keept those books.

Reading the forum isn’t a waste of time.

Motivation is the best way to stay productive. You have to be excited about what you’re working on. If the particular task you’re on at the moment doesn’t do it for ya, Think about the next fun one and work towards that.