What do y'all think about my programmer art?

Messed up the UV unwrap, I think, and did this in about 2 hrs with 3447 polys. This is maybe the 4th model I’ve made. Unfortunately, when I imported into the engine, it kind of messed up the engines. :frowning: (Mods, I didn’t know where to put this, so if this isn’t the right spot, please move it)

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you’re having the same problem I had when I moved to ue4. I bet that model looks pretty good in a max render with some AO, but it loses its beauty when it goes into the ue4 materials. Try adding a skylight to this scene, and then take a little bit of time to learn some of the ue4 material basics and you’ll be surprised. Other than that god job!

Didn’t think it was quite that good. Hehe.

The main problem I think is that the engines have inverted faces in-engine. Looking in quite a few places I can see this problem… Maybe I’ve got them backwards in Blender…

EDIT: That was actually the problem. Anyway, yeah, the texture isn’t great anyway.

Paint some details (bolts/panels) into normalmap.
I would use Blender Paint for that, then you can realtime paint on model.
He is sculpting and baking, but you can paint direct onto it inside Blender paint.

I’m asking you nicely , can you please upload the whole project on dropbox. If you’re not going to work on it, the least you can do is upload it on dropbox so someone else can continue. Thank you.

Really? Not only do you have everything already, but you couldn’t even be bothered to check? Seriously man. Are you going to follow me around like a lost puppy? Should I upload it since you decided to make our business public?

I’ll send you the link to dropbox in a PM, but you’ve got 3 days. If you didn’t grab it by then, you obviously don’t need it. Make sure to remember you actually did grab it this time.

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