What do i pay in precentage for gross profit based on subscribtion mode of gaming?

I’m a new small developer of video games. I read many parts of your Eula agreement and it’s kind of hard to follow everything although you do your best . Regarding subscribtion mode of payment on games and how much do I pay as royalties for that, do I pay the same 5% on each fee subscribtion I sell on each quarter? Or pay the 5% for the quarter of the year gross profit as whole or the subscribing profit has diffrent precentage of royalties pay?
Is the process any different if I sold the game at low price or a nominal price?
And how much gross profit from subscribtions should I make before I have to pay the precentage on that profit
And also is the process any different if I used the Linux version?

The 5% gross royalty under the EULA is the same regardless of what kind of revenue (up-front payment, subscription, in-game items, ads, etc.) or platform (including Linux). You would calculate all of the gross revenue (meaning before platform or transaction fees are deducted) for the game per quarter and pay 5% of that (after the first $3000 per quarter per product - if your revenue is low, you have no royalty obligation).