What do I owe Epic for cinematic logo project in U4 for client ...

Hi guys,

I have a small paying job, $180 flat, to create a cinematic logo for a friend of mine in Unreal 4.
He is using the logo in front of the short films and low budget features he makes.
What do I owe Epic if I were to do the project in Unreal 4 and render out a Matinee single frame
sequence for my client?

Thank you.

There is no royalty on work-for-hire fees, so it seems like that would cover your $180 fee.

There is also no royalty due on linear uses, including non-interactive movies so there would be no royalties on use of the linear cinematic logo either.

O.k. great I did see that on the main page for the Unreal Engine but I just wanted to make sure.
Thank you for your kind answer.