What do I need to know to sell a "PC Game" done with UE4?

I am new to all this Selling a “PC Game”!
Imagine that I have done a Game and now I like to be able to sell it!?
In practice what are “ALL” the steps I have to do to make this possible?
BTW is there a lot of legal and bureaucratic paperwork involved?
Are there any online firms or company that may help?
Does EPIC GAMES help in this process in any way?
Thanks in advance for your feedback!!!

I’m starting this process as well. There is paperwork, you’ll need a business, tax info, all that legal stuff. The best bet for your business I’ve been told is to incorporate. Tho here in Canada, because I’m a solo developer I’m just going with a Sole Proprietorship for now. Legal liability and financial stuff is all on me, but it’ll be my first game and business. The canadian service canada has some decent general info on how to go about the legal aspects of creating the business, and there are a few sites out there that will help for fees. It’ll depend on where you are, and the local and federal laws are in your country.
AFAIK, Epic wont help with that process, but they do have the store now to help get your game in the market without steams 30%.

And good luck!

I really Like to be able to sell games I am doing with UE4 at the Epic Game Store!?
And probably a lot more of folks!?