What do I need to know for making a map for ARK.

Hello, I am thinking about making a map, I have had some experience with games like FarCry2 multiplayer editor that allows you to build terrain and add objects and structures. I am aware that it is a very large project to take on, so I wanted to ask some questions first before I dove into getting started.

First off I have close to none experience with Unreal Engine I have downloaded it and installed it twice I think but I have not created anything with it so it would be new for me if I start making a map.

I do have a few question so please read the fallowing.

1: Is there a post or official place where it will show a step by step process on how to make a map, if so could you link the post, youtube channel or external website link for me to read up on or view.

2: How hard would it be to make a map for someone with no coding experience outside of HTML and CSS?

3: Can more than one person work on the project at the same time or is it restricted to one person at a time?

Any help would be great, I thank you for your time in advance.

  1. There is no official place, and, a lot of them are out of date so they no longer apply. Mostly they do, but, the materials and other items have since been replaced (in some of the 1yr+ aged videos)
  2. Hard since you will need to learn blueprinting, but, certainly obtainable to a certain level. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the hardest, a 7. Engine version out of date + no documentation
  3. Yes. Your going to have to do the leg work on this. I suggest PERFORCE, but, anyway you decide is fine.

thanks for your reply, its helped. :slight_smile: