What do I need to consider to implement this?

Hey guys. I’m currently using the VR template, which is great… but I want to experiment with it and try to implement a different way of moving the player.

What I want to do is have the game use the Vive room tracking and maintain that position relative to lets say the 0,0,0 of the ‘centre markers’ in the level. In the diagram lets imagine the centre marker is the green dot and the surrounding blue square is the play-space.

If the player was to choose to move from the cells in square one to the dungeon in square 7 - whilst standing in the corner they would teleport to the correct area and maintain that same corner position.

The transition I’m planning on using a menu button on the controller but I’ll worry about that later. Would this be challenging to implement? I’m not expecting a complete solution to appear in the comments but what sort of problems do i need to tackle to achieve this?

In the past I achieved this just by doing load stream level and it kept the position, however in many circumstances i want to have the teleport to be within the same area and its a bit impractical to have multiple levels of the same room.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Diagram just below :slight_smile: