What do I do if updating gets stuck at 80%?

There’s a glitch when updating when it gets stuck on 80-81%. I found a fix for this, but the fix skips this update. This means that I’m paying $20 a month for updates I can’t update, is there any official fix for this coming soon?

You can change these settings in the .ini

Update these lines into Unreal Engine\Launcher\Engine\Config\BaseEngine.ini





Then restart the launcher, it will stick on 81% for a while but it will eventually update. We had the same issue but it was resolved with this fix (also remove the command from your shortcut that you added with the temporary fix yesterday)

SwitchNZ is correct, other users encountering this problem in this thread reported success after making the changes listed: What do I do if the download gets stuck at 80% with the QFE installed? - Getting Started & Setup - Epic Developer Community Forums

Please let us know if this fix doesn’t work for you.



This fixed the issue, thank you guys very much!