What difference is there between my project and the third person template project?

So for the last few months I have been having problems with ue4 which my friend for some reason never has. The big two main ones are that set max walk speed and changing movement mode don’t work. At first with set max walk speed I thought the update must have changed it but when I encountered the whole not being capable of changing movement mode I got suspicious. At first I messed around with the blueprint and found nothing. After that I checked the assets and found nothing wrong. After this I noticed that my friend was programming in the 3d character template and not in a blank on like mine so I decided to check it out. Same code and same assets and somehow it worked, it just worked. I have no idea of what difference there is so I really am going to need some help to figure this one out.

there is no major differences between the third person template character and blank new character that would cause a issue like that (in my experience). the only thing i can think of is that either a option was changed somewhere along the line in your character, you have a bad reference to the character in your script, or maybe targeting the wrong component. of course some of these situations i propose may be invalid if your not using a script to change the options mentioned.

have you tried creating a new character from scratch or tried making a another project to see if the issue persists?

The thing is that I migrated the character from the third person template project into my project so I don’t see how there could be a difference there. At first I was doing this with my own character and it didn’t work either. I’ll go ahead and try making a new project.

Welp I just tried a new project and it miraculously worked. I don’t what I messed with so I am afraid this question won’t really help anybody except me. Sorry