What current state around UI in UE4 now and it's comparison?

Hi, half year ago i asked about UI and got some understanding that there are:

  1. slate UI (developed by Epic games)
  2. Coherent UI (3-rd party web based overlay)
  3. UMG (as i saw it’s UI built on top of slate and accesible with blueprints)

Is it all possible ways? I don’t count way with ingame objects because for me UI is strongly overlay and only in very rare cases any game objects. Some time ago saw post about even raw 2d or something like that.

Would be nice to see links for tutorials of every type and comparison at such things like “cost” (cost to CPU, not a price), “complexity” for make, “capabilities” (maybe some type can do something and can’t other).


I am Billy, a community manager in Coherent Labs. I just want to share with you our Tutorials page where you will find a large number of tutorials on how to use Coherent UI with Unreal Engine 4:

Check out the performance comparison we’ve done between UMG and Coherent UI GT:

Also, here is one article from one of our lead developers -Stoyan- about Unreal Engine 4 user interface authoring which you may find helpful:

IMO all three are good solutions.

A quick note on the performance comparison. My understanding is that as of 4.7 the requirement of hitting the VM for property binds and calling C++ functions goes away. While writing UI handling code in JavaScript is probably faster than doing so in Blueprint, you can always us C++. Bil, looking forward to you guys re-running your tests with 4.7 and see how we compare :slight_smile:

Hi Daniel,
you are right that all 3 are good solutions, each for a specific situation. It is all about developers having a choice of various technologies so that they can choose the best one for their case. We will definitely run the comparison again. Looking forward to see the improvements you guys are making :slight_smile: