What could DRC mean in a material?

Ive been trying to replicate a material set-up based on pictures and some quick video references of the material a lone. I have seen in some instances where people have used a paramater2d labeled as “DRC”. Does anybody know exactly what that means, or what it might be used for? I’ll post a picture to show you guys what I mean.

This is a screenshot I took of the video (which does not go into detail explaining how the material is put together, they just kind of quickly show the node set-up):

They use the node labeled DRC twice here. Any thoughts?

Not sure about the D, but the R and C are for roughness and cavity. When you see 3-4 letter combos like that, it usually means they line up with the different channels. Like RGB=XYZ, or with DRC it would be D=R channel, R=G channel, C=B channel.

Most likely, the D is for some kind of diffuse variance mask like for leaf color variance.

Dude you are so awesome, thank you! I’ve been wondering what that could of been for a while now. So, they probably composited together the Diffuse, Roughness and Cavity maps into the RGB channels right? It makes sense now, seeing as that’s primarily what the node connects to.

D for Displacement?

Nice one, we’re doing the same thing and replicating the Quixel material from the YouTube video. How did it go @junfanbl? I’m hoping it will deliver similar results. I’ve spent days just getting height map as good as his.