What could be the reason for "Maximum number of UObjects exceeded" error?

Launching via USB my project on Android gives me the following error:

Assertion failed: Result + NumToAdd <= MaxElements [File:D:/Build/++UE4/Sync/Engine/Source/Runtime/CoreUObject/Public\UObject/UObjectArray.h] [Line: 538]

Maximum number of UObjects (196608) exceeded, make sure you update MaxObjectsInGame/MaxObjectsInEditor/MaxObjectsInProgram in project settings.

<< callstack too long >>

The error occurs after spawning a static mesh with a HDRI backdrop in the back and waiting for more than 40 seconds after which the android app crashes.

The interesting thing is that in IOS the crash does not happen. Even though the blueprints logic is exactly the same.

So does anyone know why this error is happening? I do not think i am accidently spawning something continuously in a loop because when i look at my viewport there is a constant number of actors spawned which does not increase.



I solved it…

The problem was a widget i was spawning. I used obj list command in the console to look at what objects were being created and it was a widget.

The reason the widget was being spawned continuously was because i had added a create widget node in another widgets text binding. I forgot that widget bindings are tick based and will continuously execute. So do not spawn any widgets inside a binding…

Hope it helps some lost soul like me in the future…

Hey, facing the same issue, could you tell me he console command to list objects? Thanks