What controls the distance from a 'focused' object in viewport?

Depending on the object that I am focusing my view on viewport I get wildly different distances. Lights and cameras and objects all seem to put me fairly far away from the object. Scrolling the mouse wheel gets me closer, sometimes I run out of clicks before my view zooms past the object or scrolling just doesn’t ever get that close. I would use other navigation to get closer to the object, but this looses the object’s focus, so orbiting around it doesn’t work any more.

Is there some bounding box info that I could edit so that when I press ‘f’ the viewport camera zooms in to a reasonably close distance?

Hm,… did you try to navigate with the good old WASD(EQ) style? Just hold down the right mouse button and go egoshooter on ur nav… In the viewport,… on the upper right corner are the controlls for the movement Speed (a multiplier and slider…) There u can adjust very fine movement… or go full lightspeed…

Aannd, tip: you can do camera snapshots… from your current view and Position… To do this, Just hit CTRL+1 or 2,3,4… and so on… After this you can just hit 1,2,3… ans so on to Return to your saved “views”…

Maybe this is a more convenient way to navigate your scenes… 🤷

Thanks for the tips!

The issue is that I commonly need to orbit around an object to make sure it’s in just the right position. Using WASD looses the focus, so the orbiting don’t work any more. You want to get it back into focus then it sends your POV back out to the distance you started.

I forgot all about the snapshots, going to start using those again.