What configuration for UE5 ?

Hello !

So ! Very Enthousiastic ! UE5 next year ! I was just about to buy a new computer to replace my 12 years old computer and my Nvidia GTX460…I know it’s very old…so I will probably buy a I9-10940X, a Asrock X299 Creator, 256 GB of G.skill Rip Jaw5 and a MSI Geforce RTX 2080TI. I started learning UE4 for a year now and I really think it’s the futur for a lot of artists (I am photographer). My project is very ambitious and and I was betting on a technology like the new UE5 to be able to complete the project…but was expecting it in the next 5 years not next year !!! So what a good surprise !!!

But now I afraid : Nanite, Lumen…ok…fantastic…but what does it means for developpers ? what kind of computer will be necesseary to handle this ? because, has you know, we need much more memory, graphic ressource, to build the game than to run the game…on my very old computer compiling shaders is a nightmare…so much that I have cut my project in sub-projects to be able to develop AI, characters animation, landscape, physics whithout to wait each time the computer to re-compile all… for sometimes hours…

So ! to make it short :

**what is the recommended computer config to be ready for UE5 ? **

Probably it will help a lot may of us if Epic could give us some technical spec. Thanks Epic!

I also got an i9 with SSD and 2080ti.
If that is not enough I give up life…

Judging by what has been told one would need a couple of NVMe drives too, surely - hoping that 3GBps read is enough to work comfortably; in addition to that chunky 3080Ti :wink: ofc.

Oh so we gotta buy a DGX A100 to use Unreal now?!
Hey EPICz… Can I haz another Mega Grant pleaz?

@oniregoc Hi. It’s better to get 16-core Ryzen 3950X instead of 10940X.
3950X is cooler, more perfomant, has more cores.

@**Apollo1444**More cores for sure but for me almost the same perf. and I9 can get motherboard with 256GB…also the Asrock X299 Creator got 3 NVMe slots…but I am steel searching for the best config/price

It’s too soon to say if Lumen and Nanite is even worth enabling, we simply don’t know it’s true performance, on high end PC. You might only get 45FPS at 1080p on a Top End PC with both enabled. Not to mention if you look closely at Lumen demo, the dynamic lighting is slow to respond to scene changes.

If you want to use Nanite, be prepared that you might need an AMD gpu, since Nanite is based on async compute. And while the next gen DX12 api supports async compute and Nvidia GPUs has similar compute capabilities, it’s too soon to say if UE5 will specifically support Nanite on Nvidia.

I would wait a few months for the next gen RTX 3080ti.

3950x is faster, mate
you won’t need 256gb ram btw