What code plugins would you like to see?

Hi everyone,

I’m aware that the marketplace has no support for this yet but let’s pretend it does or that you could buy these from another site. What kind of code plugins would you guys be interested in?


As someone who uses blueprints 100% of the time my code wishlist is all blueprint related:

  • Mssql (or any sql) plugin. Would be awesome to have bleuprint nodes that connect to a DB and query tables.

  • Steam plugin: UE4 already has basic steam integration. Would like to see full BP support for steam. Oh and microtransaction support.

  • Dedicated Server Only Blueprint Class: A blueprint which is never compiled into clients. Would allow for server and client development side by side in a single UE4 project. Would be a secure place for SQL functions.

easy multiplayer and damage model for basic fps’s or third person actions games including a server browser, and a plugin for using cascade easily as projectiles(for energy/laser type weapons), and easier cascade in general. Also I second flyofavalon’s wish for a better steam plugin.

All made with blueprint or able to be used with a blueprint based game since that’s what the vast majority of us use.

Wizards that accomplishes repetitive tasks.

Rigging for animation a player model for example seems to be the killer app as far as a plug-in goes.

Based on a series of questions the plug-in would auto generate the required blueprints.

I’ve already got a bunch of plugins I plan to release in my mind. Things like:

An influence map system (useful for a variety of game types)
A state machine system (with editor, again useful generally)
A procedural animation system (like the wolfire guys talked about)
A decent inventory system (with database editing)
A procedural generation system (which allows generation through BP nodes)

Those are my initial projects.

I would LOVE to see something like this but question is it even possible to have code read my mind as to what I need it to do? The actual finish to fit is a steep requirement.

What I would love to see and make use of though is a fully implemented and animated character as a design tool and not necessary as a hero component of the main game as part of environment design that could be configured on the fly via instanced detail input.

Overall environment design tools, in my opinion, would be a hot seller in the form of helpers as most time a map could turn to mush once you actually get players running around.