What classes should I use for diffrent things?

I am creating a “Material Manager” and I was wondering what the best class for something that only instances and edits actors.

I would recommend you to use an “empty” Actor and make it a logic only actor inside your world. I hope it helps

Actor is a lot of overhead to deal with for something like a Manager.

If you only ever want one manager, I’d create a UObject as a component of your GameInstance and use that. Our ‘manager’ system works the same way.

You right, much better solution =)

Thanks guys!

No worries :slight_smile: Bear in mind this can sometimes be screwy when in Multiplayer if you’re using PIE, so you have to program in some workarounds for that.

In standalone however, it works fine! If I can get permission to, I might be able to share the source of the manager system we use since it’s pretty robust. No promises on that one though…