What class BP is the best place to save out from and load in from

(I am talking LOTS of data. LOTS of things).

Game state?

Game instance?

Level BP?

Widget BP?

Character BP?

Currently I have most of the code working in a Widget BP and I am just worried as my data load increases that I want to save out and load back in that I might run into issues.

The other problem with doing most of it in a Widget BP is that you cant get all actors with tag from there. (Which is what I would like to do since its faster than casting). You have to do that from an actor BP. (As I understand it).

TY :slight_smile:

The game has only one level so I seem to be magically attracted to the level BP.

I also heard its not a good idea to cast to a big BP like the character BP with lots of code in it because every time you do that the entire BP is loaded into memory.
Is that the case too with get all actors by tag or is that less work the engine has to do?

I heard its more common in a multiplayer game to do a get all actors by tag for obvious reasons.

I am thinking setting the character’s position up via saving and loading in the character BP (since I have to cast to it anyways) and the map data in a user created game state.
Makes sense? Maybe only storing variables relating to map in game state and then do the heavy lifting in the level BP?