What changes when I build the game

So far I have two obvious issues that come up but only once built. One is to do with rotating and the other is to with a boolean flag. The specific issues seem irrelevant, I’m just curious to know what is different about the environment.

I am under the impression that the random stream will be always be the same on a newly executed build (compared to running from the engine) but I have accounted for that

This bug might be related and the cause of this, but sometimes when I open up my game in the editor and hit play, the particular BP that is messing up complains about not being compiled, or failing it’s compile. Only it doesn’t, it compiles fine. I guess that would prevent it working well in the built game. How would I track a bug like that down?

Could it be that the error itself, being that when it tries to compile, that it is referencing something that does not exist until you start the game?

Just a guess.


Only it’s complaining when I hit play, NOT when I hit compile. after compiling it doesn’t throw the error.
It only throws it when my project has been loaded fresh. It’s like it’s saving the file in a state of uncompilied or something.

Thanks for the idea :slight_smile:

What is the error it is throwing up?

Any Pics…

That’s the thing, the error is completely non specific… !


Then you go into the BP


And it’s “good to go”

And just to confirm there isn’t really a problem, I opened it up, hit play, got he error, pressed no, hit play again, no error and it plays fine.

I guess I’ll just have to make the BP from scratch again. Shouldn’t be too hard and since I am quite inconsistent it’ll probably be different from the first I made it and likely won’t make the error.\

Would really like to know how to fix this though

Hey Rodstone,
Could you provide the blueprint? It may compile fine but depending on what you are doing and how it may create errors once it’s ran. if we could see the code that might help to see what the issue is.

Well I realised that if I opened the BP when I first opened the game, it had the not-ok symbol for compiling, at it opened at a node that had error. I usually ignore those nodes because they occur quite often and go away after you compile, and disconnected it. Saved, restarted and the error had gone. Now building to see if it’s truly fixed it.