What can I add more to this game?

I made this game for #SeaJam in , Clean The Ocean

What can I add more to this game?

Assuming white in the background is snow/ice.

  • adorable penguins that come to the surface and follow you as you collect (so there’s more interaction with the surface) [replace with dolphins if it’s supposed to be tropical and add palms]
  • sharks (so underwater matters, too) that follow and deal, ehm, with the penguins rather than you
  • seagulls (so there’s some action in the skies) could serve as a general annoyance and clean up the mess sharks + penguins combo left
  • wetsuits, dude looks chilly / mankini because why not if it’s so hot
  • more types of garbage to collect, some worth more points than others, but collecting them takes longer
  • perhaps some of the stuff you find is useful to the player (emphasising recycling) and enhances their abilities. Flippers instead of Slippers sounds like a reasonable idea in shark infested waters.
  • flotsam / jetsam Titanic door the player can rest on if there’s stamina involved; or avoid danger from below
  • add a source of all that pollution, on occasional crossing motorboat tosses a bunch of those overboard
  • Kraken, can’t have an ocean game with no kraken - it’s against the rules


I can add a gun if the sharks try to come closer the player would shoot it or the flippers or slippers could be thrown to the sharks to make them away from the player for some time.

I will try to do this.
Thank you

Consider another form of shark repellent:

On one hand you clean up the ocean, on the other you’re gunning innocent sharks down. You’d be sending very mixed messages…

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You can add japanese whale fishing boats, oil rigs that leak oil, sea monsters and pirates.

I thought of oil rigs, oil leaks but discarded the idea. As the lake was small.

Anyway, if anyone wants to add something then here is the source code but if you publish keep my name in the credits.
Use Ue4.27