What can cause pawn to teleport to vect(0,0,0)?

During combat, some of my pawns sometimes teleport to vect(0,0,0). From there, they fall until they eventually reach the killZ, and I log their destruction location at vect(0,0,-200000). This happens at the same point in the battle, but I can’t for the life of me figure out why or what’s causing it. I’m pretty sure there are no SetLocation() calls being made at that point, and there are certainly no Kismet teleport sequence actions happening at that time. Is there something else I should check? Does changing collision settings for example send pawns away?

I was going to modify SetLocation() so that it ignores commands to go to vect(0,0,0), but it’s a final native function.

Any other ideas?

OK, turns out I was doing a SetLocation(vect(0,0,0)). What was actually going wrong was I was tracing to where I wanted to go, but apparently the trace hit nothing, so HitLocation was vect(0,0,0). Now I’m making sure that the trace actually hit something before moving anything.

Yeah that has caught me a few times. Now i always do a

if (Loc != vect(0,0,0))