What can cause my NavMesh to break like this?

I can’t for the life of me figure out how I’ve managed to completely prevent my NavMesh from working. It was working just fine earlier, and now no matter what I do (rebuilding, deleting and replacing the NavMesh, replacing the floor, scaling the size of things …) my AI characters won’t move.

The real kicker is that I can make a new level, drop the NavMesh and characters in, and it works. I’ve even tested copy-pasting the Geometry and Actors from the broken level into a new one, then adding a new NavMesh, and that works. So there’s just something in the first level that isn’t an actor or geometry that’s preventing any NavMesh from working, and I can’t figure out what!

You can see an example of the problem here: Broken NavMesh Issue - YouTube

Any advice is really appreciated.