What can be done on a map extension, and does it need to be visible?

I have a question, or more about map extensions. What can be done with them? This post ( mentions doing stuff like raptor clause with them. So do they not need landscapes? Will they work on multiple maps or just the island? What limitations do they have?

One way you can think of a map extension is a placeholder for adding stuff. It needs nothing except what you put into it. You can add code to the blueprint (my lightning storm mod), you can drop in mesh’s (floating islands), add extra stuff like more dino and supply drop spawns, new resources, etc. Basically anything you can do in a map you can do with an extension. It’s just another sublevel for the map so whatever you add to the map-ext gets added to the main map. Works on any map however there are certain limitations. IE: You added a bunch of resources to TheIsland via map extension. It will work on The Center, Scorched Earth, even PGM’s but since the terrain will be different between each map, the resources that sit on the beach on The Island may be floating in the air or under the terrain on another map.

Thanks, that was an awesome and helpful answer.