What Blueprints Should I Cast To?

Hi guys,

At the moment I mainly use the Character Pawn for information to meet and communicate since it’s accessible from virtually any other related blueprint.

But, I’m now scripting actions which do not involve the Character Controller directly and I would like those scripts to be communicating elsewhere for a number of reasons, one being clutter.

So, as per title, is there a particular blueprint I can access from Actor Blueprints that you feel to recommend?

Or maybe is there a list that you feel I should look into?

Casting to Level Blueprint seems a bit overkill and messy since it’s already filled with other level related stuff.



Thanks for the answer Braindrain85. It’s basically what you said only instead of functions I need globally accessible variables such as floats, arrays, strings, etc.

EDIT: To be more clear, I basically have a number of Actor Blueprints, let’s say two, which want to check and share a number of variables, let’s say a bool. I need a place where they can cast to so that they may check, and influence the bool state.

Perfect, thanks.

P.S. Did I call you “newest”? xD
Gosh, I’m a bit concentrated on my work at the moment if you couldn’t tell xD

I don’t know if I understand you correctly but you basically want to access some of your functions in every blueprint, right?

Maybe you should take a look at the “Blueprint Function Library”

Oh ok. Maybe you can make your own Game Mode class, set this game mode as the default game mode of your project. and save your variables in there.

Afterwards you can call “Get game mode” from any blueprint class, cast it to your game mode and receive your variables from there.

Don’t mention it. :wink: Keep up the good work

Cheers m8.