What Blueprint do you want?

Hi there. If this is the wrong section, feel free to move this thread.

I’d like to do good for the community and build some blueprint systems, maybe putting them onto the marketplace :slight_smile:

What are Blueprint Systems you’d like to have?
I’ll do my best to implement it.

Here’s an inventory I made using blueprints and UMG just to show my skills:
I won’t release this one, though.

First idea: I think about a dynamic cover system, there you can cover every there, for example a tank/mech that holds take cover and if there drive/walk the cover dissolves.

The cover systems on youtube and here on forum are actor based and can only be set on map.

Second idea: A dynamic garnison blueprint for buildings in RTS games or TPS, that can be set in mesh editor like sockets not only for static mesh in Viewport as actor.

Do what you are good at it and not common in youtube tut :slight_smile:

I’d also say: ‘Do what you are good at it and not common in youtube tut’…

This would be useful with freelook the default like UDK Vehicle Cameras etc.

Well to boost your cred & for the marketplace later give something for free.