What Blueprint class should be used to hold a card collection?

My friend and I are working on a mobile trading card game. We need to be able to hold the players card collection and currently set deck across levels. Is this a case of just needing to save them to a SaveGameObject, or is there another persistent Blueprint class that would be better for this?

Thanks in advance!

If you don’t need to actually “save” the card data (cards data will be erased when you exit the game completely) you can use the game instance to store the card decks and collections. If you actually need to save data so when you turn the computer off and come back another day to play it still remembers, then you will need to create a save game object. If you want to see how to use a game instance or create a save/load cycle you can check out video #20 and 21 in the link below. Hope it helps.

Thanks! Yeah, we will need to save between play sessions, so we’ll definitely be using Save Game Objects for that. Just didn’t know if there was a “best practice” blueprint for transferring data while in-game between levels. Thanks for the link!