What blueprint actions have Delta time Build inside of them?

Hello everyone,

I would like to know if there is a list with what actions have frame independent code inside of them and they thus need no further attention from me.
For example i know that flipbooks will play the animation correctly no matter the frame rate. Does the same apply for a “timeline” , “delay” or “Add movement input” ?
I am asking because lately i see a few funky stuff going on when i have low fps (previewing while my main character blueprint is open) and i would like to address them now that i still can :slight_smile: .

Thank you.

timeline and delay are both frame independent

addMovementInput is frame independent for characters because its multiplied by deltaTime in the characterMovementComponent’s Tick() function.

but if you use a pawn instead of a character, with a child class of pawnMovementComponent, you have to multiply deltaTime inside the movement component’s tick() by ControlInputVector and someKindOfSpeed to set acceleration.

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Thank you so much!

May i ask for another two if it is no problem for you?
A Timer when it loops at a specified time frame (eg. every 0.4 seconds) and the “set play rate” of a timeline are frame independent as well?