What audio format is compatible?

I have tried importing .MP3 files and .WAV files but they are the the incorrect format.

i need to know what format i need to convert it to, or if there is any other way to make .MP3 files work

(i am trying to import a 3 minute long song)

Look on extantion list UE4 only support WAV. Thing is WAV is not really a format, it a container file which can have audio track encoded to any format including MPEG Layer-3 (aka MP3) same as AVI and MKV with video, and there might be licencing issues with that codec, thats might be reason why engine does not support it. I don’t know what codec Unreal support but my PCM encoded WAVs works, so double check what those files are encoded with.

I think it is ogg. Wav has also worked for me.

WAV is actually an audio file format.

You’re bound to 16 bit-depth, but with any sampling rate in UE4.

To pick the best sampling rate, run a spectral analysis on your audio waveform and see what its frequency boundary is. i.e., if your audio file contains no audio above 11kHz, that’s its boundary. According to the Nyquist Theorem, you need twice the sampling rate of the frequency to truly capture the sound. So you would save that audio file from the example given at a sampling rate of 22kHz. (It’s really slightly more than twice, which is why we have 44.1kHz and not a flat 44kHz.)

This will help save you disk space while also avoiding problems with your sound.

This is the correct information you should read regarding audio files in UE4:

UE4 - Audio File Documentation