What Asset do you want to see on the marketplace?

Hello! I come to the community with multiple ideas of blueprint systems ive had in mind to make for the community. I want to know, which would be the most worthwhile? Which would you be interested in buying? Thanks for participating!

  • Multiplayer Replicated Magnetic Pickup Component
  • Matching Game (Match 3) Template
  • Audio Visualizer (particle)
  • Timers Statistics (Total Time Played, Session Time played, Level Time Played, etc.)
  • Flies that rotate around a point (particle)
  • Racing AI
  • Usable Instruments
  • Positional Voice Chat
  • Road/Path grid-based snapping
  • In-Game Scripting System
  • Idle Building Game Template
  • Spline-based road/path creation tool
  • Runtime Mesh Generation/Editing

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