What are your views on enterprises in jobs section?

This is not a attack on any of the organisations or such , just a discussion.

The job offering section of the forums is the place where most of the Ue4 related jobs are advertised. The application on those job seems to be from both individual developers and and enterprises.

What do you think about those?

Do you think organisations applying for a job eats up the chances of individuals getting a good contract?

I’m saying so because there are often some very dodgy organisations and brokers in the jobs section who basically:

  • Apply for a job as an organisation , in some cases this gets them the contract quickly than an individual because they appear have more talent at same place
  • Then they hire other developers from the community for the project they got contract for in point 1 above
  • Some rouge/fraud enterprises pay very little to these developers compared to what they are earning form the contract and charge the client twice the amount they’re paying the actual developer and never tells them.
  • The worker is robbed off from the work credit on the project because often these organisations are not transparent to client.
  • If you go through the portfolio of those companies some of them aren’t even game developers but simple software companies who want to cash in by grabbing a game contract and then get it made by hiring a freelancer.

This is just my perception of “Some” of the enterprises and organisations who are operating in the jobs section. There are obviously some nicer organisations like iron belly who do ask people if they want to work with individuals first. But the rest of them feel like they are just taking away the work from freelancers and charging a hefty extra “finders fee” to their clients.

Feel free to refute my points.

If they seem shady then the person looking to hire someone should be able to see that too

I’ve reported them many times, but nobody seems to care.
They are effectively trying to become middlemen between workers and companies, in many cases they succeed, this is why they’re still here.

Name & Shame… :stuck_out_tongue:

I am not a fan of corporations, not just shady ones, advertising on forums. Aside from stealing chances from individual freelancers, it really comes off as pathetic. Unfortunately there are no rules in place against that practice (I asked).

agreed, an individual cannot compete with constant bumping of posts with content from organisations workers, one freelancer can work on a very limited projects concurrently and hence his portfolio is rather short but genuine , while the organisations work on dozens of projects at once and create a large portfolio and then advertise it in the freelancer’s space.

its like a craftsmen trying to compete with industry with multiple low wage worker with industry boasting its output rate and setting a stall in the craftsman’s space.
whats even worse is they hire their workers from the same space too. So its like they’re eating up jobs leading to less jobs for individuals and then those individuals are forced to join the organisation because there are no jobs left for him which in turn makes the organisation bigger and eat up more jobs and then the cycle repeats itself.

If the forums could seperate the spaces for organisations and individuals then it’d be a lot more fair.

Kind of pathetic loophole

We’re not all bad! Honest!

We work with selected clients and don’t just take any old job for a cash grab. We’re more of a premium provider though I would say and want to give off the best impression possible. I can’t name specifics but there are a quite a few studios that make different outsourcing entity’s as sub companies under one major company so that they can spam posts out a lot faster and get more jobs.

We 9/10 times put a disclaimer at the top of our emails to potential clients saying that we are a game development studio, a group of artists and coders and not to read any further if they’re looking for a more personal experience.

Having said that, I can get jobs just as easy under my personal name. We totally understand the point being raised here though and hope that we are an acceptance.

“Enterprise” I think you mean “hiring firm”?